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MAIN IDEA: to minimise weight and dimensions of cooling and heating for avionics

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Loop heat pipes (LHP) proved their worth in thermal control systems of spacecraft. Moreover, they can be the perfect solution for avionics thermal control.

60% of avionics failures are the result of thermal control system malfunction

Thercon-LHP loop heat pipes advantages:
  • high heat transfer capacity (heat transfer distance up to 2,000 cm, transferred power up to 2,000 W);

  • compactness, adjustablility, light weight;

  • low heat transfer energy consumption (passive element);

  • any orientation in space (low sensitivity to gravity);

  • noiselessness;

  • high reliability and extended working life;

  • stable operation in a broad range of temperatures (from -50ºС up to +100ºС)

  • no scheduled maintenance required.

Projects for avionics:

  • Under the cooperation with Thales Avionics in terms of COSEE and PRIMAE projects, Thercon-LHP is developing loop heat pipes for avionics. Loop heat pipes with freon as a working fluid are integrated in the experimental cooling system of the control unit onboard of long-range aircraft. Thanks to passive LHP-based heat sink, fans and their noise were eliminated. Besides, energy consumption was reduced to zero.

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