Electric cars

MAIN IDEA: heat transfer for batteries heating/cooling without liquid line


Loop heat pipes provide energy efficient cooling of the following high-temperature components in automobiles and electromobiles:

  • fuel cells;

  • power electronics;

  • battery;

  • dashboard;

  • engine compartment;

  • headlamps.

One loop heat pipe is capable of replacing four or more conventional heat pipes.

Unlike conventional heat pipes, LHP provide high heat transfer capcaity, high reliability, noiselessness and virtually unlimited configuration possibilities. Moreover, loop heat pipes are small and remain operative in any spatial orientation.

LHP can replace conventional heat pipes or be used in combination with these.

The use of LHP in automobiles, hybrids and electromobiles will allow to:
  • protect components from overheat;

  • achieve high energy efficiency;

  • extend battery charging intervals;

  • improve durability of high temperature components;

  • increase component density.