Review of Thercon-LHP participation at ISC 2017 by electronic portal ServerNews

ServerNews (electronic portal in the field of server technologies) noted innovations of Thercon LHP at ISC 2017 exhibition.

The  staff of Thercon LHP has great experience (more than  10 years) in developing and manufacture which includes  participation in the design of loop heat pipes (LHP) for Russian and foreign spacecrafts. The company introduced a wide range of solutions at ISC 2017. Overview of the stand Thercon LHP we’ ll start with  the server based on the CPU family Intel Xeon E3-1200 v5 and passive cooling system with the use of LHP.

The server can operate at ambient temperature from  0 to 60 ° C. In addition to Xeon or less powerful processor (variants - Core i3, Pentium, Celeron), it contains embedded graphics adapter AST, 2.5-inch drives and power supply.

Server cabinet with LHP-cooling

Minimum diameter of heat pipes Thercon LHP as part of coolers which were demonstrated at ISC 2017 was 1,8 mm. The thinnest ones are designed to cool the processors (SoC) of monoblocks and tablets. Copper and stainless steel are used as materials for manufacture of LHP. The length of the circuit is from several tens of centimeters to several meters.

Thin long heat pipes well dissipate heat "on the road" from the plate-heat sink to the main radiator.

The next photo shows a two-processor server with passive cooling “Thercon LHP”.

The company also has appropriate SO for cooling both processors and video cards for personal computers. CPU  heat release should not exceed 84 W, the GPU - 140 W.

Well, as a dessert there is passive cooling of monoblock with LHP and out radiator. The TDP level of the processor is 12W but as stated in the description there is also reserve.

During stress testing the monoblock processor warmed up to a maximum of 49 ° C

You can get acquainted with the current projects of Thercon- LHP on the official web-site

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