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LHP Applications

Loop heat pipes ® (LHP) - 25 + years of successful application in aerospace

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Loop heat pipes (LHP) are successfully integrated in thermal control systems of spacecraft. Thercon-LHP was the first in the world to launch loop heat pipes mass production in 2014, thus making it possible to apply their unique characteristics in various technical fields.

Loop heat pipes leave behind conventional cooling systems due to their higher heat-transfer ability, compactness and flexibility. They improve productivity, lower heat-sink energy consumption, provide high component density.

Advantages of LHPs Thercon®

Compared to conventional heat pipes:
  • heat transfer distance several times longer (21 meter long LHP with 8 mm diameter of heat transport zone was tested at 2 kW load)

  • significantly higher heat transfer capacity (distance of heat transfer to the transmitted power);

  • heat transfer efficiency for any orientation in the gravitational field and in zero gravity;

  • ability to provide flexible junction between the heating and cooling zone

Loop Heat Pipes retain

All the main advantages of conventional heat pipes, including:
  • low thermal resistance;

  • lack of mechanically moving elements and the need for additional energy for its work;

  • mass and dimensional characteristics;

  • high reliability and resource.

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