• suitable for integration into computer and server cases
  • at the heart of the TERCON heat sink system is a loop heat pipe
  • provides passive heat dissipation from the processor: no refueling, no maintenance required
  • no mechanical moving parts
  • does not consume electricity
  • working life more than 5 years
  • designed to work with heat sources up to 200 W

  • the data are indicated for a cooling air temperature of + 25C with a vertical radiator and a clearance from the surface of at least 10 mm

passive heat sink for pc

RUB 9500.00Price
  • Dimensions of the sample in the photo HxWxD (on order we make dimensions in accordance with the customer's requirements)

    - radiator: 80mm x 160mm x 80mm

    - interface in the area of heating: 30mm x 40mm x 40mm

    - tube configuration and heat transfer distance between heating / cooling zones according to customer requirements (maximum distance 3 meters)

    Test results:

    load, W heat source temperature R
    300 58.12 0.1
    400 71.71 0.11

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