• total power per rack 42U - up to 30 kW
  • Drycooler placement:

a) internal

b) indoors, outside the rack

c) outdoors (on the roof, on the wall) ***


  • delivery option:

a) on a turn-key basis - by servers *, UPS, monitoring, etc.)

b) rack-mount solution with Tercon * heat sink system

c) modernization of the existing server **



* - IBM Power S822L (S 821LC, LC 921); ICL server teamRAY 2042v3-1U (Intel CPU with EVZ up to 150 W); AIC platform SB102-UR

** - preliminary study and coordination of Thercon heat sink system integration possibility and server platforms is required

*** - maximum temperature of outdoor air by a dry thermometer +42 C

open type micro data-center with drycooler

RUB 370,000.00Price
  • Designed for installation in rooms where:

    • there is an air conditioning system, or
    • the air temperature in the room does not exceed +25 C, taking into account heat influx
    • no dust and moisture protection required
    • there is a need to reduce noise

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